6 Cool Fidget Spinners for Stress Relief

Cool Fidget Spinner

No need to bite your nails if you are in stress or in anxiety. Fidget spinners are here to spin away your problematic thoughts and help you keep your mind at ease. Not a rocket science it’s just a simple invention to take over pens and paper weights people might usually spin at workplaces or in offices to stress out their brains. It’s just a handy toy with a fan like multi-lobed structure which you can rotate around its center. Well nobody knows who invented this toy but it is really getting very popular and comes in so many cool and different varieties. Let’s have a look on some cool fidget spinners.

1. LED Light Tri Fidget Spinner

Cool Fidget Spinner

This one is cute and colorful. When you spin it , it’s gonna light up and show different patterns like this:

Cool Fidget Spinner

Try this cool fidget spinner with different options of colors and give yourself and your friends a small light show.

2. Spinning Flower

Cool Fidget Spinner

These are metallic fidget spinner and are usually made of zinc alloys. When spin they produce a cool colorful pattern as well to absorb your worries and stress.

3. Bat Man Spinner

Cool Fidget Spinner

This one is my favorite and if you are a fan of Batman Series you will find this the awesome one as well.

4. Captain America Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Kids would defiantly want this Captain America Spinner for fidgeting and to show their friends as well.  Isn’t it really a cool Fidget Spinner.

5. BMW Spinner

Cool Fidget Spinner

If you own a BMW you would defiantly want to go for a BMW Spinner and if you can’t afford  a BMW then at least you can afford a BMW Spinner. Just Kidding ! 😉

6. Detachable Spinner

Cool Fidget Spinner

Not only confined to three lobes, this detachable spinner let you to make the best suitable structure according to your own choice. You can have the flexibility to add and remove the lobes depending on your current mood for fidgeting.

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