Hurricane Irma 2017 : The Deadly Cyclone in Florida

The U.S state of Florida is currently bracing a catastrophic hurricane named as Hurricane Irma. This hurricane was started on August 30 from a tropical wave near the Cape Verde Islands and after tearing through the Florida keys crawled toward the African Coast. In the start, it was considered as category 2 hurricane but on September 6 Hurricane Irma fell into category 5 by reaching the peak intensity of 185 mph winds and became the strongest cyclone of 2017 worldwide so far.

Hurricane Irma

Heading towards Florida: Hurricane Irma

The authorities have ordered to kept close Florida keys along with 42 bridges that connect 113-mile stretch of islands for re-entry until the further notice.

Hurricane Irma

Hitting Southern Florida: Hurricane Irma

According to the National Weather Service, on Florida’s Gulf coast near Marco and Naples Island, Irma’s wind got furious and reached 142 miles per hour.

hurricane irma

North Naples: Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Slams northern Caribbean: Hurricane Irma

In the records of U.S first time, two stronger hurricanes made landfall in the same year. Hurricane Harvey brought catastrophe in Texas 6 days ago on August 24 with 130 mph winds.

hurricane irma

Landfall in the Florida Keys: Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma hit the Tampa Bay with counterclockwise rotation of winds and flooded the area nearby.

Hurricane Irma

Hitting Tampa: Hurricane Irma

In central Florida, Hurricane Irma is blowing strong winds and shoved heavy rains even into that parts of Florida that were not expected to feel the brunt of this monster. Near Jacksonville, winds reached 60 miles per hour and expected to get worse as the center of Hurricane slogged north.

Hurricane Irma

Betters Palm trees in Florida: Hurricane Irma

This cruel beast has deprived 3.3 million people across the state of electricity. There were no means to alarmed many residents and to update them for safety measures. They were only left with their cell phones with remaining battery to keep in touch with the world.

hurricane irma

Damage in St. Martin: Hurricane Irma

The damage in Havana is light as compared to other islands but the flood water has risen little above than the forecast and panicked the people of Havana. But phones are working and communication is possible while it is completely down in many rural areas.

Hurricane Irma

Crashing Havana: Hurricane Irma

Florida officials have directed to more than 6.5 million residents to evacuate the surroundings. Miami-Dade, Lee, and Collier, counties enacted curfews for several upcoming days.

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