30 Best Pictures Of Turtles

Turtles are reptiles.They live in the fresh water or in a beach.Turtles are classified as amniotes along with reptiles,birds and mammals.Turtles breathe air and do not lay eggs underwater.There are many species of turtles.Some are aquatic such as snapping turtles and soft shelled turtles.These type of turtles can hide from predators in shallow water.Turtles eat aquatic plants.Some Turtles eat inverterates such as insects worms and snails.There are many species of turtles such as sea turtles,alligator snapping turtle,box turtle,spotted turtle.Sea turtle are green,leatherback,loggerhead, olive and flat back.

A turtles shell structure consists of two separate pieces an upper shell and a botto, shell.Today i am posting some tortoise pictures Hope you will like them and also share these wallpapers.


Baby Turtles pictures of turtlesTurtle Wallpaper

pictures of turtlesPainted Turtle

pictures of turtlesCute Baby Turtle

pictures of turtlesTurtle

pictures of turtlesUnder Water

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pictures of turtlesTurtle Picture

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pictures of turtlesPainted Turtle

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pictures of turtlesBaby Turtle

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pictures of turtlesTurtle Wallpaper

pictures of turtlesTurtle Wallpaper

images of turtlesBaby Tortoise

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images of turtlesGreen Turtle

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picturesCute Baby Tortoise

picturesGreen Turtle

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turtlesGreen Tortoise


turtlesGreen Turtle

turtlesTwo Head Tortoise