30+ Best Rumi Quotes

Jala ud-din Muhammad Balkhi also known as Jala ud-Din Muhammad Rumi, and popularly known as Mowlana but known to the english speaking world simply as rumi.For rumi music helped devotees to focus their whole being on the divine and to this so intensely that the soul was both destroyed and resurrected.His teachings became the base for the order of the mevlevi which his son sultan walad organized.Rumi is descriptive name meaninig the roman since he lived most of his life in an area called rum.Because it was once ruled by the Byzantine Empire.

Rumi’s poetry is often divided into different categories like the quatrains(rubayat) and odes (gazal) of the divan, the six books of masnavi.Rumis favourite musical instrument was the ney the reed flute.Today I am postimg some rumis quotes.Hope you will like them.Also visit our blog for more blog.

Be Silentrumi quotesRumi Quote

rumi quotesFall In Love

rumi quotesUniverse Is Your

rumi quotesThousand Desire

rumi quotesDon’t Grieve

rumi quotesPatience Quote

rumi quotesRumi Quote

rumi quotesCrawl Through Life

rumi quotesBest Rumi Quote

rumi quotesOpen Your Hand

rumi quotesOcean In A Drop

rumi quotesMy Soul

rumi quotesSilence Quote

rumi quotesLove With Heart And Soul

rumi quotesRumi Quote

rumi quotesWhat You Seek

rumi quotesBest Quote By Rumi

quotesNature Reflected

quotesEach Other Along

quotesNothing To Criticize

quotesLight Enters You

quotes by rumiThe One Who Is Looking

quotes by rumiBlossoms Around You

quotes by rumiBeautiful Love

quotes by rumiRaise Your Words

quotes by rumiMoon’s Reflection

rumi quoteBeauty Of The Heart

rumi quoteAble To Hear

rumi quoteDoesn’t Avoid The Night

rumi quoteFind Your Way Home

rumi quoteMy Own Soul

rumi quote


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